ATV + Custom

Completely Customizable

Due to their custom nature, Right Tracks can be built for any ArgoATV or custom designed vehicle. This flexibility of our ATV tracks allow customers to choose the perfect length, width and track aggressiveness to match their unit’s needs and terrain.

Through decreased ground pressure, Right Tracks ATV tracks can increase flotation by over 500%. This added flotation prevents tire “sink-age” and allows our heavy duty grouser/tread design to maneuver equipment in any off road application (mud, muskeg, snow, sand, etc). Specialized tires, chains or molded tracks may offer increased traction, but they do not provide the Right Track flotation that truly maximizes your units off-road potential. If you are looking for superior off road traction, our tracks for ATV are the answer.

Since all of our ATV tracks are built of separate components, track grousers/tread can be easily replaced both quickly and affordable. With specialty tires, chains or molded rubber tracks (Matt Tracks) once a certain amount of wear has occurred they simply become a throw away.

Due to the “separate component” design of our ATV tracks we can offer different styles and depths of grousers/treads for different off road applications. This includes heavy duty ice cleats for winter and fall use, or 2″ super aggressive grousers for loose mud and muskeg. These different configurations can easily be interchanged by the customer from one job or season to the next. This gives the customer a versatility no other tire, chain or track can offer.

All of our tracks are made with heavy duty conveyor belting. This belting is 5 times the strength of your standard ATV tire. This means once you have installed our tracks, you can expect virtually no tire damage. This is a great asset for our customers working on sites with loose debris or terrain where both side wall and tread tire damage are frequent.

Right Tracks Skid Steer Tracks can be installed in about half an hour and uninstalled in a matter of minutes. This convenience makes our product very easy to work with while in the field.

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